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At the AiZen Healing Center Dr. Carol specializes in Degenerative Eye Diseases such as Macular Degeneration. She is happy to say patients who came to her with AMD no longer have AMD. Now that’s something to be happy about.​

If you want to create wellness you must be ready to commit to the process.  You will feel and look better then ever and increase the quality of your life!

About Dr. Carol Wentz Randaci, OMD, AP

Dr. Wentz Randaci combines the ancient mystic arts of acupuncture and oriental medicine with progressive clinical practices, including Acupuncture Ophthalmology, Advanced Medical Acupuncture, Classical Oriental Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Plant Based Nutrition, Chinese & Japanese Acupuncture, Sound & Light Immersion Therapy, Medical Qigong, Homeopathy, Flower Essence Therapy, Shamanic Healing, Meditation, Qigong, Essential Oil Therapy, Needle-less Acupuncture, Emotional Freedom Technique, & Organ & System Cleanses. Dr. Carol has been practicing Raja Yoga Meditation for 36 years and teaches these methods along with Qigong, Self-Healing Techniques, Plant Spirit Medicine, Flower and Vibration Essence Therapy, Sound Immersion, Nutrition and Compassionate Living.

About the AiZen Center

 AiZen Healing Center is located in the beautiful Gulf city of Sarasota FL at

3348 17th St.. Sarasota is known as the City of Light because the healing energy of our city permeates every part of the area.  If you come from out of town for treatment you’ll be happy to know our beaches are tops in the world!

The name AīZen says it all, it’s a combination of two words:

the Japanese words Ai means Love and Zen means a state of Peace and Tranquility.

And so we are ....AiZen .... The Center of Love and Peace.

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